Interior Design

  • Inspired by race car engineering
  • Floating wing dashboard, and carbon fiber shell seats
  • Visible carbon fibre surfaces
  • Precise functionality of a track car with the comfort of a road car.
  • State of the art digital display

Ultimate Personalization

Stunning Exterior

Unparalleled level of personalization.

Inspired by Nature

  • Unique paint finishes, interior trims, and detailing
  • Marquetry-style badging will provide additional bespoke opportunities
  • Comprehensive experience program for Evija owners, including VIP track days and other high-performance motorsport opportunities. 
  • Crouching low to the ground with a height of 105 mm
  • Pronounced muscular haunches that envelope the teardrop cabin
  • A perfectly proportioned blend of fluid forms and crisp lines
  • Design concept known as porosity for greater airflow to the rear of the car
  • Venturi tunnels pierce each rear quarter of the Evija

I am interested in owning a Lotus EVIJA